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500 Words Practice: The V Sound

Practice the V sound with these readings.

The words with V are in bold print.


Though Americans pride themselves on freedom, many people do not vote. During election years, political campaigns reserve some time for developing voter awareness and inviting people to vote. President Obama was successful in covering the needs of young people and inspiring the vote. Politicians have also worked harder in making the voting process very simple. Even so, some people are not driven to participate in government. Some think the truth never matters in politics because of the political vices and deviancy reported by the media. 


The vowels of American English are A, E, I, O and U. Each letter has two or more sounds. Overall, the vowels are very complex. If you live in America and want to improve your accent, you should give yourself time to practice every day. By giving yourself daily time, you can improve your voice and avoid stress and frustration. Above all, develop a process for learning vowels. Over time, both your listening and speaking will advance. This is very true because Americans speak with large vowel sounds. You cannot avoid the vowels if you want to perfect American English.

Practice Tips:
Since V is a vibrating sound, remember that it takes a bit of time (in speaking, a micro second).
If your V sounds like F, you are probably not holding the position quite enough.


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