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500 Words Extra Practice: Long O Sounds

This reading passage has many words with Long O from the 500 words list. Remember that Long O requires a circle on the lips. Use this practice paragraph to really move your mouth as you speak.  Back to Long Vowels.

Getting Over a Cold

Of course, you have to stay home to get over a cold. You want to stay warm in bed, if you can. However, you do not want to keep the windows closed. Keep some windows open to let the air flow. Also, don't wear the same clothes or use the same warm blankets. All clothes should be fresh. Many people feel most sick in the morning, then notice more energy as the day goes by. It is good to show your body that you will slow down. A cold means that your body is tired and won't hold off this everyday illness. Of course, some colds have a lot of force and spread to everyone, even those who always stay home and eat whole foods. Though a cold is a simple disease for most, it can grow into a deadly force in old people. The old have to know the best course of care and only go out of doors when the cold is wholly over.

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