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500 Words Extra Practice: the Open A Sound

Practice with Open A (the same sound, short O, is also in bold)

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When my father was a small child, he always had different ideas about the life he wanted to lead. He enjoyed looking at the stars in the dark night sky, and he thought he might be an astronomer. Soon, though, he started to talk about cars and how to assemble car parts. He thought he could understand the causes of car problems. Then he decided to be farmer and manage the land. He was not afraid of hard work. He grew up in New York. One day, my grandfather took him sailing. When my father watched the water, he knew what he wanted. He wanted to build boats. He wanted to go on sailing trips and navigate his way with the stars. He wanted to fish and live from the fish he caught. He spent one day watching the water, and he knew what he wanted to do.

* "wanted" sounds like "wanned"--T after N tends to be silent.

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