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Perfect Your Pronunciation and Stress with 750 Business Words

Order of the Class

You can use this course in 2 ways:

Practice the most important sounds first.
Practice the lessons in order from 1 to 23.

Practice the most important sounds first.

Each lesson has the same format and offers independent study of one sound or a group of sounds. In private classes with students, I usually start with the sounds that are most important. Then we go back to other pronunciation points later. This technique is best for students who want to achieve results quickly or for students who struggle a lot with a few important sounds.

I often begin private lessons with one of these sounds as needed by the student: TH, V, T, R or the -ed ending for the past tense.

Practice the lessons in order from 1 to 23.

If you know you want to learn everything, take the lessons in order.

Unit 1 includes important sounds which are not too difficult to master.
This helps you to enjoy a good start in your pronunciation training.

Unit 2 includes that challenging American R and a very important vowel, the schwa sound.
This unit may take more time, but it is good to master these sounds toward the beginning of your training.

Unit 3 is the most complex since each vowel has several pronunciations.
In this unit, you will practice all the sounds for each vowel, learn common spellings and more.

Unit 4 shows some interesting rules as well as the 3 pronunciations of the -ed ending.
Learn about linking vowels, the two sounds of X and other subtle points.

For either method, do start with the Introduction. The pages on stress will help you to make the most of the class.

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Order of the Class

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