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750 Business Words

Pronunciation Class

speak method

Perfect Your Pronunciation and Stress with 750 Business Words

The Lessons

Take each lesson in this order:

1. Diagram and Explanation
2. Word Lists: Start Practicing!
3. Word Stress: Formal
4: Word Stress: Casual

How the Class Works

Use the videos on every page to listen carefully and to practice listening and repeating.
In the diagrams, you will see many interesting rules that will help you to perfect sounds.
Apply the sound rules to the business word lists. These are arranged by syllable stress.
Next, try the words in sentences. Practice speaking with stressed words, pauses and reduced words.
Lastly, apply all that you have learned to casual English.

How to Use the 750 Business Words Class

Order of the Class

About the Lessons

Diagram and

Word Lists: Start Practicing

Word Stress Formal

Word Stress Casual

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