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Word Stress: Casual

This part is optional. During private lessons, I find that some students are very glad to practice casual English to gain fluency. Other students, however, are much more interested in formal speech that can be used during work meetings and presentations. You decide if this part is right for you. If so, it is important to review Word Stress: Casual in the Introduction.

1. Watch the video and notice how the words flow together when spoken quickly.

* Some students will benefit from printing the sentences and marking them. In casual English, you will find many reduced sounds and places where words are joined together.

* Advanced students: watch the video without reading the sentences. Then read to check your understanding.

2. Watch the video again. Listen and repeat until you are comfortable.

3. You have completed one full lesson!

* Tip: Spend several days thinking about this lesson before starting a new one. Listen carefully to audio books, television shows, news programs, and the people around you. Listen for the sounds you learned during the lesson.

** One more tip: If this section is difficult, but you are interested in it, take the course for pronunciation sounds and formal word stress first. Then go back and do the casual English pages.

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