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07/21/2015 20:54:53 PDT
I like this site

Erica Rösi Pedersen
08/30/2013 07:34:20 PDT
Hello. Pedro asked about taking part in the course. Did you mean general pronunciation or only syllable stress? For pronunciation: you can take the free English evaluation. When you sign in, there is a link to that test on your home page. In the results, I include recommendations and pages from this site that you can use to study.

For syllable stress: the page under 500 Words is a short introduction. You can use the video to practice speaking with good stress. Here is the other main page for syllable stress (please copy-paste):

From this page, you can follow the links to get much more practice.

08/29/2013 12:41:35 PDT
How can I take parte in this course?

06/21/2013 21:11:42 PDT
it is good site