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Watch the video and read the news for November 30, 2011. Learn current news and study American English pronunciation.
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U.K. Workers on Strike


In the U.K., approximately 2 million public sector workers are protesting against the government's increase in the amounts they will have to pay for pensions and the increase to the retirement age. Workers include teachers, hospital staff, border guards and others. The strike will close schools and disrupt services in the health sector, the court system, employment offices, libraries and airports. Over 30 trade unions have banded together and over 1,000 demonstrations are planned. It will be the largest walkout since "The Winter of Discontent" which helped the famous leader Margaret Thatcher gain power. Government conservatives have spoken against the strike, saying that it will cause people to lose jobs and further damage the economy.The strike will last for 24 hours.


Study the American English Sounds and Words

Short A in "cat"
staff, last
Short A next to N or M
banded, planned, damage
Long A (sounds like name of letter: A)
pay, age, airport, trade, famous, gain, library
Open A
are, walkout, cause
Reduced A (schwa sound, as in "up")
Reduced A and AI
against = u-GENST (again = u-GEN)
"and" - often reduce small words for good word stress
and = 'n, as in "border guards 'n others"

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