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English Pronunciation News: ADHD

Watch the video and read the news for 4/26/2011. Use the English pronunciation tips to practice as you talk to friends and coworkers during the day.
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Study the News

Watch Video

In a time when many people believe there has been a growing epidemic of ADHD diagnoses, neuropsychologists conducted a study in which they found that 22% of adults who claimed to have ADHD (attention defecit hyperactivity disorder) actually tried to make their symptoms appear worse. People embellished their symptoms in order to ensure that they would receive medications. However, they found that some people did not have ADHD and in fact had depression, anxiety or a lack of sleep. Even worse, some people made their symptoms appear greater because they wanted the stimulant medications in order to boost their concentration and focus.

Study the Words

1. epidemic (e-pi-DE-mic): stress 3rd syllable
2. diagnoses (di-ug-NO-sees): stress 3rd syllable, pronounce long E
3. neuropsychologists (NOO-ro-psy-KO-lo-gists): often can stress 2 syllables in very long words
4. attention (u-TEN-shun): reduce A, stress 2nd syllable
5. defecit (DE-fe-sit): stress 1st syllable, reduce final T
6. hyperactivity (HI-per-ak-TI-vi-dy): reduce final T, can stress 1st and 4th syllables
7. worse (WRS): reduce O
8. embellished (em-BEL-isht): means to exaggerate, stress 2nd syllable, "ed" sounds like T
9. stimulant (STI-myoo-lent): put Y sound before Long U sound
10. boost (BOOST): pronounce good OO sound (long U)
11. concentration (con-sen-TRA-shun): stress 3rd syllable

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