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English Pronunciation News: Abdominal Pain

Watch the video and read the news for 6/27/2011. This news report focuses on syllable stress. Learn the news and study American English pronunciation. Read other English pronunciation news reports.

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Many children suffer from abdominal pain. They complain of bellyaches and doctors try various treatments without success. This has become known as functional abdominal pain which means recurrent stomachaches with no anatomic, metabolic, infectious, inflammatory or neoplastic disorder. Scientists are now learning that some children may have an especially sensitive nervous system which causes them to be very aware of any distention in the abdomen. Unfortunately, doctors have not yet learned how to deal with this difficulty.

Study the Words

Noun Form
Adjective Form
abdomen (AB-do-men)
abdominal (ub-DAH-mi-nul) or (ab-DAH-mi-nul)*
the area of the stomach
anatomy (uh-NA-du-mee)
anatomic (an-uh-TAH-mic)
the structure of the body
metabolism (me-TA-bu-li-zum)
metabolic (me-duh-BAH-lik)
the total of processes in living things which result in energy, growth and waste
inflammation (in-fluh-MA-shun)
inflammatory (in-FLAM-uh-tor-ee)
heat, pain, swelling and redness
neoplasm (NEE-oh-pla-zum)
neoplastic (nee-oh-PLAS-tik)
a tumor
distension (dis-TEN-shun)
meaning is: a swelling or expansion

* The pronunciation "ab-DAH-mi-nul" is correct. The first "a" is spoken quickly and lightly.
However, during a conversation in which the word is understood, most people will say "ub-DAH-mi-nul."
The "a" naturally reduces because of the syllable stress.

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