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English Pronunciation News: Control Your Allergies

Watch the video and read the news for 6/11/2011. This news report focuses on TH sounds. Americans have two sounds for TH, a soft TH and a hard TH. Learn the news and study American English pronunciation of TH sounds. Read other English pronunciation news reports.

Study the News

Watch Video

Today's news report is on ways to help control your allergies. These are some new methods: 1) Stress hormones stimulate blood proteins that make allergies worse. If you can, during allergy season, avoid projects that leave you on the threshold of a deadline. 2) Not taking your medications at night can cause your allergies to be worse. Though outdoor allergies may not seem to be a threat at night, studies show that allergy medicines work best before exposure, and allergies are often at their worst in the morning. Make thorough use of your medicine by taking it at night as well as during the day. 3) Having a washing machine that is not set hot enough can also make your allergies worse. Some machines heat water internally, but others use water that flows through the pipes--so you may also need to adjust your water heater. Lastly, for hayfever sufferers, pollen allergens can get on your clothes and skin, so after you return from work, throw your clothes in the hamper and take a quick shower. This will also help to control your allergies.    

Study the Words

1. things (THINGS)
use hard TH sound
objects, an entity that is not alive
2. threshold (TH(u)RESH-hold)
use hard TH sound, notice you speak both "sh" and "h" in the middle
an entrance, any beginning point
3. through (THuROO)
use hard TH
in one end and out the other
4. though (THŌ)
use soft TH
even if, granting that
5. thorough (THuR-o) use hard TH
complete, perfect, using all details
6. others (U-thurs)
use soft TH
additional, different or distinct from
7. threat (THuRET)
use hard TH
something that might lead to danger
8. throw (THuRŌ)
use hard TH
to toss, to project away from yourself
9. thought (THOT)
use hard TH
an idea in the mind, to think in the past tense

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