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English Pronunciation News: Web Browsing Improves Productivity

The news for 8/25/2011. Click on "watch video" to view the instructor speaking the news report and explaining pronunciation rules.
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Study the News

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Some employers believe in preventing web browsing during working hours. However, a new study shows that web browsing can cause workers to be more productive. The study, called "Impact of Cyberloafing on Psychological Engagement" by Don J.Q. Chen and Vivien K.G. Lim, involved assigning 96 undergraduate business students to three groups: a control group, a "rest-break" group and a web-surfing group. All students were given a task for 20 minutes. Then, for 10 minutes, the control group was given another task, the "rest-break" group was allowed to do anything except surf the web and the web-surfing group browsed the internet. After this, the students were put to work again for 10 more minutes. The researchers found that the web-surfers were far more productive than those from the other groups. The authors concluded that web-browsing "serves an important restorative function."


Study the Words

pre-VEN-ing or pre-VEN-ting
the T can be silent, pronounce NG
say the B one time, stress "web," pronounce NG
"cyber" relates to the internet and "loafing" means to do nothing, be idle
A is reduced, pronounce NG
stress "web" and pronounce NG, note: "web-surfing" and "web-browsing" have the same meaning
IN-er-net or IN-ter-net
the T can be silent (this is very common)
im-POR-'nt or im-POR-tunt
the T can be reduced--see T rules
reduce second T; means helping to renew or make better

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