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English Pronunciation News: Divorce and Facebook

Watch the video and read this news report from 5/2/2011. Use the English pronunciation tips to practice as you talk to friends and coworkers during the day.
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Study the News

Watch Video

Social media has become a new resource for finding out about marital affairs, and the hottest zone is Facebook. Lawyers are using Facebook to find pictures that show marital discord and misconduct. One lawyer said that clients had pointed her to pictures on Facebook that show spouses with babysitters or serving alcohol to minors. For those going through a divorce, even deleting photos from Facebook may not help. The photos could have been downloaded and cached images could also be found.

Study the Words

Pronunciation Focus
hottest (HO-dest) T is stopped in "it's hot" and becomes D in the middle: "ho-dest"
lawyers (LOY-yrs) AWY sounds like OY
marital (MAR-i-dul) T reduces to light D sound, final A reduces
discord and misconduct (DIS-cord 'n misCON-duct) reduce "and" to speak with intonation or natural rhythm
pointed (POI-ned) T is silent after the letter N
minors (MI-ners) final O is a reduced sound
deleting (de-LEE-ding) T is reduced to light D sound, in "delete" use the stopped T
photos (FO-dos) T reduces to light D sound
cached (CASHT) word is from Native American and means "things that are saved," CH is SH sound and -ed ending has T sound

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