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English Pronunciation News: Drought in Africa

Watch the video and read along. This news report, 7/11/2011, focuses on vowel sounds and syllable stress. Learn the news and study American English pronunciation. Read other English pronunciation news reports.

Study the News

Watch Video

Many people have had to leave their homes due to a terrible drought that has struck east Africa. This is said to be the worst drought in 60 years. The United Nations has declared a humanitarian emergency. The World Food program estimates that ten million people are in need of humanitarian aid, and the U.N. Children's Fund estimates that two million children are in need of life-saving assistance. The Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya has almost 400,000 people with more arriving every day. As people arrive, many have stories about loved ones who died during the journey. People from Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and South Sudan have been affected by this drought.


Study the Words

Noun Form
drought (DROUT)
a time when there is no rain, a time of dry weather
worst (WRST)
most bad
humanitarian (hyoo-man-i-TA-ree-un) relating to people as a whole

humanity (hyoo-MAN-i-dee) people as a whole
refugee (re-fyoo-JEE or RE-fyoo-jee)
a person who has escaped from a place or political environment
journey (JR-nee)
a trip
affect (uh-FEKT)
verb: to create a result or effect, to act on
effect (e-FEKT)
noun: a result, something that is produced by a cause

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