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English Pronunciation News: Egyptians Want Peace Treaty Annulled

Watch the video and read this news report for 4/26/2011. Use the English pronunciation tips to practice as you talk to friends and coworkers during the day.
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Study the News

Watch Video

A recent poll showed that a majority of Egyptians would like the 1979 peace treaty with Israel annulled. This shows the unpopularity of a treaty that was scrupulously followed by their former president until his ouster in February 2011. The fall of the autocratic leadership and the rise of a new democratic system could lead to tensions between Egypt and Israel. The poll showed that 54% wanted the treaty scrapped while only 36% percent were in favor of it. There was a sampling error of plus or minus 4 points.

Study the Words

1. seventy (SE-ven-dee): reduce the T
2. peace treaty (PEES tree-dee): stress the first word in a set phrase
3. annulled(u-NULD): reduce the a, make a small L sound
4. unpopularity (un-po-pyoo-LAR-i-dee): add small Y sound before "oo," stress 4th syllable
5. scrupulously (SKROO-pyoo-lus-lee): stress 1st syllable, add small Y before "oo"
6. ouster (OU-ster): pronounce double vowel
7. autocratic (ah-duh-KRA-dic): reduce T
8. democratic (DEM-o-kra-dic): reduce T
9. scrapped (SCRAPT): -ed sounds like T
10. sampling (SAM-pling): pronounce good vowel and -ing
11. error (ER-rer): reduce O sound, pronounce strong R's

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