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English Pronunciation News: Geese and Police in Seattle

Watch the video and read the news for 6/9/2011. This news report focuses on L sounds. Learn the news and study American English pronunciation of the letter L. Read other English pronunciation news reports.

Study the News


In Seattle, Washington, a goose and her goslings were escorted from a busy interstate by no less than three police cars. The geese were on the Interstate 90 bridge, a floating bridge that crosses Lake Washington. It is the 2nd longest floating bridge in the world at 6,620 feet.

The police helped to save the small gaggle after motorists called and alerted them to the danger. Two lanes of traffic were closed while the police guided the geese to an exit. This operation to "get the little guys cleared" occured during rush hour and lasted about twenty minutes.

Study the Words

Seattle (see-A-dul)
pronounce a good long E, reduce T to light D
major city in Washington state
goslings (GO-slings)
use the short O as in "hot," stress first syllable
baby geese
police (pu-LEES)
reduce first O, "i" sounds like EE
those who enforce the law
floating bridge (FLO-ding brij)
use long O, reduce T, "dge" sounds like "j," speak words as a phrase
a bridge that is made to float on water and that has boat-like supports
gaggle (GA-gul)
use good short A sound, L as final letter sounds like "ul"
a group of geese
operation (o-per-A-shun)
stress the 3rd syllable
a process or procedure
cleared (KLEERD)
it can help to think of this spelling: "kuleerd" as there is a small sound between anther consonant and L

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