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English Pronunciation News: Google Suspects Chinese Hackers

Watch the video and read along. This news report, 6/2/2011, focuses on short vowel sounds. Americans bring out vowel sounds generally, so it is important to know the sounds. The short vowels, "e," "i" and "u" are actually short. The short A and O sounds require more opening of the mouth. Read former English pronunciation news reports.

Study the News

Watch Video

Google has alleged that hackers, probably from China, tried to gain access to hundreds of Gmail accounts including those of U.S. government officials, Chinese activists and journalists. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has said that the U.S. government is, obviously, concerned. The FBI will conduct an investigation into these allegations. This further strains relationships between Beijing and Google and Washington. Clinton also said that the U.S. has appointed a new cyber-security coordinator because cyber security issues are likely to be a continuing problem.

Study the Words

Sound Focus
1. hackers (HAK-ers) use good short A sound those who get into internet sites or accounts without permission
2. access (AK-ses) use good short A a way of approach
3. allegation (al-le-GA-shun) use good short A, then short E an unproved statement or declaration
4. allege (uh-LEJ) notice sound changes between noun and verb form you suspect and accuse someone without proof
5. relationship (re-LA-shun-ship) pronounce short E on "RE," stress 2nd syllable a connection
6. continuing (kun-TIN-yoo-ing) pronounce good short I on the stress still happening, ongoing
7. obviously (Ob-vee-us-lee) need a short O which uses an open jaw clearly, generally known information
8. official (uh-FI-shul) O reduces to "uh" sound, stress 2nd syllable someone working with the government
9. journalist (JUR-nu-list) "ou" reduces to "uh" someone who discovers and/or reports the news
10. conduct (kun-DUKT) O reduces to "uh" to direct a course of action, manage
11. Clinton (KLIN-N) you can reduce the T when speaking quickly last name of the Secretary of State

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