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English Pronunciation News: Online Grocery Stores

Watch the video and read the news for September 30, 2011. Learn current news and study American English pronunciation.
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Though Internet grocery stores did not enjoy success in the 1990's, they are making a comeback now. Safeway.com reports that business has doubled in the last two years. Industry experts say that it is no longer a question of whether or not online groceries will be successful, but of how large they will become. They may only appeal to people in large population centers where the avoidance of a commute can save significant time. This can make up for the lost ability to choose one's own produce. Many consumers reject online groceries for that reason alone, even though the grocers have an interest in choosing the best possible produce for each customer.


Study Uses of A, An and The

the 1990's
use "the" with the name of a year or decade
the last 2 years
use "the" with "next" or "last" with a number of years
(do not use if referring to current next or last years)
the avoidance of a commute
use "the" when a noun becomes specific because of a phrase that comes afterward
the ability to choose
use "the" when a noun becomes specific because of a phrase that comes afterward
the best
use "the" with superlatives, as in "best" and "worst"
a question of
use "a" in this phrase
an interest in
use "an" in this phrase in which "interest" means "business interest" or "share"
many consumers reject online groceries
do not use "the" with plural nouns that are general (not specific)

* use "thee" before vowels and "thu" before consonants. However, this does not have to be perfect. If in doubt, say "thu."
* say "thee" when emphasizing something

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