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English Pronunciation News: Heat Wave

Watch the video and read along. This news report for 7/28/2011 focuses on pronunciation of state names. Learn the news and study American English pronunciation. Read former English pronunciation news reports.

Study the News

Watch Video

There has been a massive heat wave stretching from the midwest to the northeast causing a few deaths from heat stress and heat stroke. In North Carolina, when temperatures rose above 100 degrees, the Red Cross set up a cooling station there saying that many folks have nowhere to go to escape the heat.

The states that have been affected are: Kansas, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.


Study the Words

Heat (HEET)
Ohio (o-HI-yo)
folks (FOKS)
Virginia (vir-JIN-yu)
Kansas (KAN-sus)
North Carolina (north cār-o-LI-nu)
Illinois (IL-i-noi)
Maryland (MĀR-i-lund)
Missouri (mi-ZUR-ee)
Indiana (in-dee-AN-u)
Oklahoma (o-klu-HO-mu)
Pennsylvania (pen-sil-VĀN-yu)
Nebraska (ne-BRA-sku)
New York (NOO-YORK)
Iowa (I-o-wu)
New Jersey (NOO JER-zee)
Kentucky (ken-TU-kee)
Connecticut (cu-NE-di-cut)

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