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English Pronunciation News: Arrest Warrents for Gadhafi

Watch the video and read along. This news report, 6/28/2011, focuses on R sounds, T sounds and phrases. Learn the news and study American English pronunciation. Read other English pronunciation news reports.

Study the News

Watch Video

The international criminal court has issued arrest warrants for Gadhafi, his son and his intelligence chief for crimes against humanity. This may complicate the NATO-led effort to end the fighting which has now gone on for four months. A rebel spokesman said that fighters had been martyred during battles on Sunday and that there has been intense fighting in the mountains for weeks. The opposition forces are attempting to push Gadhafi's troops back toward the capital. Gadhafi's spokesman says that he remains in high spirits and in day to day control of the country. The spokesman said that Gadhafi is prepared to fight, if necessary, street to street and house to house.     

Study the Words

arrest (uh-RESTS)
to be legally taken because of suspected criminal activity
warrants (WOR-runts)
the legal documents surrounding an arrest
NATO (NA-do)
(BRO-ken-bones): common bodily injury
martyred (MAR-derd)
to die for a cause, usually associated with an innocent or otherwise non-violent person
mountain (MOU-N)
having to do with a tumor
day to day (DA-t'day)
from one day to another
street to street (STREE-t'street)
from one street to another
house to house (HOUSE-t'house)
from one house to another

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