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English Pronunciation News: IMF Chief Charged

Watch the video and read this news report for 5/17/2011. Use the English pronunciation tips to practice as you talk to friends and coworkers during the day.
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Study the News

Watch Video

Many were shocked by the weekend arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn on charges of attempted rape. Strauss-Kahn is the IMF chief and was thought to be a powerful potential challenger to the current French president. Some believe that Strauss-Kahn's arrest was part of a set-up. Strangely enough, only two weeks earlier, he gave an interview with a French newspaper and said that his enemies might use his promiscuity against him. Strauss-Kahn's supporter's immediately leapt to his defense. They say that this is a conspiracy and a smear campaign, and that the woman was sent to meet Strauss-Kahn as a trap. The woman is able to give a detailed account of the assault, and she says that forensic evidence will support her claim.

Study the Words

1. IMF (I-yem-ef): speak the acronym, let the letter sounds flow together
---stands for International Monetary fund
2. set-up (SE-dup): reduce T, read as one word
---means a trap
3. promiscuity (prom-is-KYOO-i-dee): stress third syllable
---word relates to a lot of sexual activity
4. supporters (su-POR-ders): stress second syllable, reduce T to light D
---means those who give support
5. conspiracy (cun-SPI-ruh-see): pronounce short I on the stress, stress 2nd syllable
--means a group project toward secret, often illegal, activity
6. smear campaign (SMEER-campan): read phrase naturally
--means something that intentionally harms another's reputation
7. trap (TRAP): "tr" can almost sound like "ch:" use this tip is "tr" is hard for you
8. forensic (fr-EN-zik): reduce first O, stress 2nd syllable, S sounds like Z
--means having to do with the law courts

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