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English Pronunciation News: Khmer Rouge on Trial

Watch the video and read this news report from 6/27/2011. Learn the news and study American English pronunciation. Read other English pronunciation news reports.

Study the News

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Now elderly, four surviving leaders of Cambodia's Khmer Rouge regime are facing trial before a U.N.-backed court. These accused architects of the killing fields now may be held accountable for their actions. The tribunal met before a packed auditorium on Monday. Each defendant was accused of a litany of crimes including indiscrimate murder, persecution, enslavement and imprisonment. The tribunal's meetings this week are strictly procedural and actual testimony will begin in August or September. The Khmer Rouge took power in 1979* with the plan to form a communist utopia. However, their bloody insurgency left an estimated 1.7 million people dead.

*they ruled from 1975 to 1979

 Study the Words

Khmer Rouge (kuh-MAR roozh)
a political regime which ruled from 1975 to 1979 in Cambodia and which became a militant insurgent group after they left office
architects (AR-ki-tekts)
those who create structures which can include buildings, ideas or political platforms
accountable (uh-COU-nuh-bul)
accounting for actions or being held responsible for actions
tribunal (tri-BYOO-nul or tri-BYOO-nul)
a court
auditorium (ah-di-TOR-ee-um)
the place where you sit to watch an event
litany (LI-n-nee or LI-tun-ee)
a long prayer or any long account
indiscriminate (IN-dis-cri-mi-nit)
without choice or reason, similar to random
procedural (pro-SEE-jur-ul)
part of a procedure or process
utopia (yoo-TO-pee-uh)
an imaginary place, usually ideal or perfect
insurgency (in-SUR-jen-see)
a revolt or action against the established order

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