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English Pronunciation News: Libya Rebels Take Tripoli

The news for 8/22/2011. Click on "watch video" to view the instructor speaking the news and explaining pronunciation rules.
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Study the News

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Rebel forces in Libya marched on Tripoli during the weekend and captured two of Gadhafi's sons. Through audio broadcasts, Gadhafi called the rebels "rats" and angrily urged the city's residents to fight against them, but there were few signs of local resistance. When rebels entered the city, there were celebrations in the street followed by four hours of calm. After that, tanks emerged from Gadhafi's compound and began firing in all directions. Rebel leaders were confident of victory, yet said that victory will not be complete until they have captured Gadhafi. This surprising breakthrough, after six months of civil war, resulted from a closely coordinated plan created by rebels, NATO forces and anti-Gadhafi residents inside Tripoli.


Study the Words

marched on
to "march on" means enter a city with military power; this is a good example of a verb and preposition which combine for one meaning

"tu" sometimes sounds like "ch" and -ed sounds like D in this word

"g" sounds like "j" and -ed sounds like T

to fight
reduce "to" most of the time

in the street
in the street
reduce "in the" for good rhythm; "on the street" indicates where you stand and "in the street" indicates being somewhere within the street--often used for more than one person, as in the kids were playing in the street.

"g" sounds like "j" ad -ed sounds like T

of victory
"of" always sounds like "uv" and here the V can be pronounced one time

S sounds like Z and -ed sounds like "ed"

double O has 2 sounds when "co" is a prefix--means "with, joint, accompanying;" also -ed sounds like "ed"

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-ed Sounds


S and Z Sounds

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