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English Pronunciation News: Tribal Influence in Libya

Watch the video and read this news report for 5/18/2011. Learn the news and study American English pronunciation. Read other English pronunciation news reports.

Study the News

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As the conflict in Libya continues, there is also a battle between the two sides for support from the country's 140 tribes, though some say that the democratic forces attempting to reshape the country have already eroded the tribal influence. Both sides, Gadahfi and the opposition party, claim to have support from different tribes, but it is unclear whether all of this support comes from concrete deals and pledged alliances. Libya may prove to be different from Egypt and Tunisia because of this underlying dynamic, the tribal element.

Study the Words

1. tribes (TRIBES): try using "chr" for "tr," especially if "tr" is difficult
2. tribal (TRI-bul): reduce 2nd syllable
3. eroded (e-RO-ded): stress 2nd syllable, "ed" sounds like "ed"
-- erode means to wear away over time
4. concrete deals: phrase that means a strong deal, a firm deal
5. pledged (PLEJT): "dge" sounds like "j" and "ed" sounds like T
--a pledge is a vow or oath
6. alliances (u-LI-un-ses): stress 2nd syllable, reduce A sounds
--alliances are favorable ties between people or groups, people/groups that work together
7. underlying (UN-der-li-ying): stress 1st syllable
8. dynamic (di-NA-mic): stress 2nd syllable, use strong A sound
--underlying dynamic: relations going on beneath what is easy to see, beneath the surface; dynamic relates to things that interact according to time/place/relations

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