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English Pronunciation News: Medicare and Medicaid Cuts?

Watch the video and read the news for 7/6/2011. This news report focuses on syllable stress and idioms. Learn the news and study American English pronunciation. Read other English pronunciation news reports.

Study the News

Watch Video

Obama administration officials have offered to cut tens of billions on spending on Medicare and Medicaid in order to lower the federal deficit. Medicare is for people who are over 65 and Medicaid is for lower-income people. A coalition of hospital lobbyists has launched a national advertising campaign to block further cuts to these programs. Medicare and Medicaid account for about 55% in hospital revenues. Both stakeholders and beneficiaries will be anxiously watching these negotiations. Medicare and Medicaid account for 23% of federal spending, while military spending accounts for 20% of federal expenditures. President Obama and the Republicans say they still hope to find common ground. One lobbyist said that this is a white knuckle time for many people.


Study the Words

Noun Form
lower-income (LO-wer-in-cum)
having less money
lobbyists (LOB-ee-sts)
people who promote interest groups to politicians
revenue (RE-ve-noo)
incoming money

stakeholder (STAK-hol-der)
someone who has an interest, usually money, in something
coalition (ko-uh-LI-shun)
a group that works together for a purpose
beneficiaries (be-ne-FI-shee-air-ees)
people who get the benefits of something
expenditures (ex-PEN-di-chers)
expenses, money out
common ground (CO-mun ground)
a place where two conflicting parties can agree
white knuckle (WHITE nu-kul)
having to do with a fight

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