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English Pronunciation News: Norway's Tragedy Affects Many

Watch the video and read along. This news report, 7/25/2011, focuses on syllable stress. Learn the news and study American English pronunciation. Read former English pronunciation news reports.

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The recent tragedy in Norway has served as a wake-up call to security forces in both the United States and Europe. As they have been focused on pursuing Islamic terrorists, they may have underestimated the threat of domestic radicals. The bombing and shooting in Norway reawakened memories in the United States of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 in which a right-wing extremist, Timothy McVeigh, bombed a federal building and killed 168 people. The increased migration from abroad to the European Union has caused some political parties which appeal to a lost sense of national identity to gain in popularity. Recently, Britain, France and Germany all declared an end to multiculturalism, saying that the policy of multiculturalism creates segregated communities.


Study the Words

Noun Form/Syllable Stress
wake-up call (WA-kup-call)
something that causes a person to pay attention or realize a truth of reality
right-wing (RIT-wing)
related to conservative politics
radical (RA-di-kul)
favoring extreme ideas
domestic (do-MES-tik)
related to home or home country
extremist (ex-TREE-mist)
one who acts beyond the ordinary or expected, one who acts excessively
migration (mi-GRA-shun)
movement of groups of people or animals over large distances
European Union (YUR-o-pee-un YOON-yun)
a European man (yur-o-PEE-un)
the united countries of Europe
identity (i-DEN-i-dee or i-DEN-ti-tee)
a sense of self or who one is
popularity (pop-yoo-LAR-i-dee)
being popular, being favored by many
multiculturalism (mul-tī-CUL-chur-ul-izm or mul-tee-CUL-chur-ul-izm)
allowing for different cultures or cultural identities within a single society

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