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English Pronunciation News: Scooters or Wheelchairs

Watch the video and read the news for October, 2011. Learn current news and study American English pronunciation.
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Scooters have become all the rage for elderly people with mobility issues. As one gets older, it isn't always easy to turn over the reigns and gain assistance. However, many elderly are zipping along and listening to tunes from the latest MP3 player. Scooters can travel at 8 mph and have even caused legal mishaps. A man in Britain was arrested for "drunk driving" on his scooter. As a matter of fact, there was no legal precendent for his arrest, and he was let go. Scooters range from those with many bells and whistles to quite simple mobility chairs. Though wheelchairs do the trick for many people, they are less popular due to their negative image. Sometimes, scooters do not work on public transportation, as wheelchairs do. However, if scooters help elderly people to keep their chins up, few can argue with that.


all the rage
very popular
"rage" refers to passion, being enthusiastic
turn over (hand over) the reigns
give control to another
from riding horses
zipping along
moving quickly
informal meaning of "zip"
as a matter of fact
actually, in fact
originally a legal term that gained popular use with this phrase
bells and whistles
decorations, extras
refers to extra things used to attract attention
do the trick
serve as a solution
started being used in conversation in the early 1900's
keep _________ chin up
(my, your his, her, their)
stay happy, stay resolved
refers to having a confident posture

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scooters scooter store mobility chairs wheelchairs mobility chair wheelchair scooter elderly
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