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English Pronunciation News: Author Self Publishes a Million

Watch the video and read along. This news report, 7/5/2011, focuses on L and R sounds. Learn the news and study American English pronunciation. Read former English pronunciation news reports.

Study the News

Watch Video

Self-published author, John Locke, achieved a milestone by selling a million copies of his book on Kindle. This groundbreaking step is likely to inspire many aspiring novelists. Locke has already published several books and could have received a contract with a publisher. However, he said the current industry model does not work for him. He likes to write a book and get immediate feedback from his audience. He uses this feedback to choose the direction of his next book.

Study the Words

Noun Form
self (SELF)
try "sell for" and eventually "self"
published (PU-blisht)
try PU-bulisht if needed
milestone (MIL-stone)
try MI-ul-stone / an important event

million (MIL-yun)
"ion" reduces to "yun"
Kindle (KIN-dul)
"le" is an old spelling, sounds like "ul"
try GUROUND-buraking / relating to a new endeavor, from the idea of digging ground to lay a foundation for a building
inspire (in-SPIRE)
to influence and motivate, give energy to do something
aspire (uh-SPIRE)
to work toward a goal, i.e. "aspiring doctor"
feedback (FEED-back)
a noncount noun / a reaction or response

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