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English Pronunciation News: Drugs Have 70 Side Effects

Watch the video and read the news for 5/23/2011. Use the English pronunciation tips to practice as you talk to friends and coworkers during the day.
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Study the News

Watch Video

A recent study has shown that drug labels list a mind-numbing 70 side effects on average. This is not so much due to true toxicity as to the manufacturer's desire to avoid law suits. The FDA encourages companies not to over-warn. However, over-warning is the rule rather than the exception. The doctors who tend to prescribe the drugs with the most side effects are psychiatrists, neurologists, dermatologists and opthamologists.

Study the Words

1. mind-numbing (MIND-num-ing): speak the phrase
--means that there is too much to think about
2. side effects (SID-ef-ekts): speak a set phrase as one word
--means the effects of a drug which should not be harmful, but sometimes are, depending on the patient
3. toxicity (tok-SI-si-dee)): stress 2nd syllable, use Short I
--means level of being "toxic" or harmful
4. FDA (EF-DEE-YAY): always speak the acronym, let the names of letters flow together
--means "Food and Drug Administration"
5. the rule rather than the exception: stress "rule" and "exception"
--phrase can be reversed to: "the exception rather than the rule," and still stress "exception" and "rule"
6. psychiatrist (si-KI-uh-trist): stress 3rd to last syllable
--someone who gives therapy
7. neurologist (ne-RO-lu-gist) noun: stress 3rd to last syllable
--someone who works with the brain or brain-related injuries
8. dermatologist (der-mu-TO-lu-gist): stress 3rd to last syllable
--means someone who works with skin or skin diseases
9. opthamologist (op-thu-MO-lu-gist): stress 3rd to last syllable
--means eye doctor

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