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English Pronunciation News: Syria Allows Protests

Watch the video and read this news report for 4/19/2011. Use the English pronunciation tips to practice speaking.
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Study the News

Watch Video

The Syrian government has ratified draft legislation to lift 48 years of emergency rule. This concession came because of greater demands for freedom in the country. Previously, the government warned protestors not to challenge the authoritarian rule, but this was met with a pro-democracy demonstration. The government has also abolished the state security court which handled trials for political prisoners, and they have passed a law allowing for peaceful protests.

Study the Words

1. ratified (RA-di-fied): use a good short A, reduce T
2. draft (DRAFT): use a good short A sound
3. concession (cun-SE-shun): reduce O, stress 2nd syllable
4. warned (WŌRND): "war" = "wōr" sound
5. authoritarian (u-thōr-i-TAR-ee-un): when T is on a stress, it does not reduce
6. pro-democracy demonstration (PRŌ-de-MO-kru-see de-mun-STRA-shun): notice the 3 sounds of O
7. abolished (u-BO-lisht): reduce A sound, stress 2nd syllable, "ed" = T sound
8. security (se-KYR-i-dee): stress 2nd syllable, add small "y" sound before R
9. political prisoners (pu-LI-di-kul PRI-zu-ners): both O's are the reduced sound

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