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English Pronunciation News: Flights Cancelled Due to Volcanic Ash

Watch the video and read this news report for 5/24/2011. Read other English pronunciation news reports.

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Hundreds of flights in Britain and Ireland have been cancelled due to a volcanic ash cloud which has arrived from activity in a volcano in Iceland. These high density ash clouds are very dangerous because they can stall jet engines. This cloud comes from a different volcano than did the one from last year which caused many disruptions. This one is not as bad because it is not above 35,000 feet. Most airliners that cross the Atlantic cruise at about 37,000 feet because the thin air density reduces fuel burn.

Study the Words

Pronunciation Focus
Britain (BRI-tun) or (BRI-N) Americans often change a T before N to a hard N sound
volcanic (vol-CA-nik) use a short A
volcano (vol-CĀ-no) use a long A
ash cloud (ASH CLOUD) use good vowel sounds
high density (HI-den-si-dee) stress "high"
jet engines (JET EN-jins) or (JE-den-jins) T can be reduced to a light D when speaking quickly--or it can be a stopped T
not above (NOT-u-BUV) or (NO-du-buv) T can be reduced to a light D when speaking quickly--or it can be a stopped T
Atlantic (at-LAN-tik) or (at-LAN-ik) T after N can be dropped, especially when speaking informally
fuel (FYOOL) put a small Y before the long U sound

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