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English Pronunciation News: Wall Street Protests

Watch the video and read the news for October 20, 2011. This news report focuses on prepositions. Learn the news and study American English pronunciation. Read other English pronunciation news reports.

Study the News

Watch Video

The movement Occupy Wall Street continues to gain coverage in the national news. On the website, they define themselves as a "leaderless resistance movement" that is using "the revolutionary Arab Spring tactics" to achieve their ends. These tactics include the sustained use of mass demonstrations, strikes and marches as well as reliance on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The aim of Occupy Wall Street, as written on their website, is to "expose how the richest 1% ... are writing the rules of the global economy." They also include a list of events which shows happenings between the police and protestors from recent days. At links within the list, viewers can see key comments made on twitter during the protest.


Study the Words

in the national news
"within" the news media--however "on the national news" is also o.k., as this refers to news happening currently on T.V.
on the website
refers to information from the site--we do not use "in the website" much--perhaps because of the computer screen; "on the website" is used for content and "at the website" is used for the place
on the link

click "on" on the link refers to the physical screen, so that you are "on" it; "at the link" refers to the place to which the link takes you
aim of,
rules of,
list of
"of" often indicates detail or description; it is helpful t notice nouns that are paired with "of," such as the ones at left
reliance on,
use of
these phrases show how prepositions can be tied to certain words; these two phrases are almost interchangeable in the news report--the prepositions change because of the nouns that precede them

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