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English Pronunciation News: More on Libya

Watch a video on the news from 3/31/2011 and learn tips on American English pronunciation. View other English Pronunciation News episodes.

Study the News

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Gadhafi's troops continue to knock back rebel forces. However, his embattled regime is showing signs of weakness. Two top officials have defected in roughly 48 hours. One was a former foreign minister. Gadhafi issued a defiant statement after these defections.

Study the Words

1. knock: NOK 6. roughly: RUF-lee
2. embattled: em-BA-duld 7. former: FOR-mer
3. regime: re-ZHEEM 8. foreign: FOR-en
4. official: u-FI-shul 9. defiant: de-FI-ent
5. defect: de-FECT 10. statement: STA(T)-ment

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