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English Pronunciation News: Social Networking

Watch the video and read this news report from 4/4/2011. Learn the news and study American English pronunciation. Watch former English Pronunciation News reports.

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Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and blogs have given people everywhere the chance to express themselves. However, companies are working to control the online communication of employees. Companies frequently use social networking to promote their products and services while simultaneously working to control the average worker's online speech. This internet privacy battle is likely to continue for years.

Study the Words

social SO-shul
Twitter TWI-der
Facebook FAS-bök
companies CUM-pun-ees
control cun-TROL
communication cu-myu-ni-KA-shun
networking NE(t)-werk-ing
simultaneously sim-ul-TAN-ee-us-lee
average A-ver-uj or A-ver-ij
internet IN-er-net (informal)
battle BA-dul

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