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Select your news report. Click on "watch video" to see a video of the instructor speaking the news report and explaining the pronunciation points.

These are former news reports which focus on how to pronounce the past tense -ed ending. Learn today's news and other current reports at: English Pronunciation News.

Study the 3 Sounds of -ed

English Pronunciation of the Past Tense Ending -ed

News Report
English Pronunciation Focus
Iran's Nuclear Program
pronunciation of T sounds and the -ed ending
Farmers vs. Gold Mine in Peru
pronunciation of -ed ending
Dog Food
pronunciation of vowels and the -ed ending
Home Security
pronunciation in English of vowel sounds and the -ed ending
Asbestos and Mesothelioma
pronunciation of -ed ending
Libya Rebels Take Tripoli pronunciation of -ed sounds and prepositions
Tribal Influence in Libya pronunciation of R sounds, stress, -ed sounds and idioms
Syria Allows Protests pronunciation of vowels, T sounds, syllable stress and -ed sounds
Identity Theft pronunciation of T sounds, -ed endings and idioms (expressions)
Foreclosed Homes pronunciation of vowel sounds, syllable stress and -ed sounds

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