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Click on "watch video" to view the instructor speaking the report and explaining pronunciation rules.

These are former news reports that include study of R and L sounds. If these sounds are difficult, daily practice will allow you to improve. Get more practice with words lists of R sounds and L Sounds.

Learn today's news and other recent reports at:
English Pronunciation News.

English Pronunciation R and L Sounds

News Report
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pronunciation of R and L sounds
Pre-Black Friday Sales

pronunciation of R and L sounds
Ramadan in China

pronunciation of R sounds
Marriage Reduces Risk of Heart Failure

pronunciation of R sounds, syllable stress and vowels
Arrest Warrants for Gadhafi

pronunciation of R sounds, T sounds and stress
Tribal Influence in Libya

pronunciation of R sounds, stress, -ed sounds and idioms
Murder Trial in Florida

pronunciation of the American R sounds
Cure for HIV

pronunciation of V and W sounds, R sounds and long vowel sounds
Geese and Police in Seattle

pronunciation of L sounds
Shaquille O'Neal Retires

pronunciation of L sounds
Author Self Publishes a Million

pronunciation of L and R sounds
IMF Chief Charged

pronunciation of T sounds, R sounds, stress and idioms
Osama bin Laden

pronunciation of R sounds, T sounds, vowels and stress

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