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These are former news reports that include study of T Sounds. There are five pronunciations for the letter T in American English. Get more practice with word lists and explanations of all T sounds.

Learn today's news and other recent reports at:
English Pronunciation News.

English Pronunciation: American T Sounds

News Report
English Pronunciation Focus
Mount Rainier

listening for T sounds
How Parents Monitor Teen Use of the Internet

listening for T sounds
Iran's Nuclear Program

pronunciation of T sounds and the -ed ending
Soy for the Heart

pronunciation of T sounds
Protests in India
pronunciation of stress, vowels, T Sounds

Syrian Government Attacks
pronunciation of syllable stress and T sounds

Khmer Rouge Leaders on Trial pronunciation of T sounds, vowels, and stress

Flights Cancelled by Volcanic Ash
pronunciation of vowels, T sounds and stress

Floods in Japan pronunciation of T sounds, vowels and stress

Egyptians Want Peace Treaty Annulled pronunciation of T sounds, R sounds and word stress

Space Shuttle Program Ends pronunciation of T sounds and word stress

Identity Theft pronunciation of T sounds, -ed endings and idioms
Budget Battle Continues pronunciation of vowel sounds and T sounds

Human Genes Can Be Patented
pronunciation of T sounds, vowels and stress

ADHD pronunciation of stress, long vowels and T sounds

Web Browsing Improves Productivity pronunciation of NG and T sounds

Divorce and Facebook pronunciation of T sounds, vowels and intonation

Social Networking pronunciation of T sounds, vowels and syllable stress

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