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Click on the medical news report that interests you.

Click on "watch video" to view the instructor speaking the report and explaining pronunciation rules.

Follow the links at the bottom of each page to learn more about pronunciation.

These are former reports. Study recent news reports at English Pronunciation News.


English Pronunciation Medical News Reports

News Report
English Pronunciation Focus
Medical Practices Overused

listening for syllable stress
Is Blogging Therapy?

pronunciation of TH and vowel sounds
The Acid Alkaline Diet

pronunciation of American A sounds
Hip Implants

pronunciation of syllable stress
Scooters or Wheelchairs

pronunciation and meaning of idioms
Asbestos and Mesothelioma

pronunciation of the -ed ending for past tense
Life Alert, the Elderly

pronunciation with word stress practice
Soy for the Heart

pronunciation of American T sounds
Marriage Reduces Risk of Heart Failure pronunciation of R sounds, syllable stress and vowels
Migraine Headaches

pronunciation of T sounds, stress and prepositions
Human Genes Can Be Patented

pronunciation of T sounds, vowels and stress
The Weather and Pain

word stress practice
Abdominal Pain

pronunciation of syllable and word stress
Changes in Sunscreen

pronunciation of V and W sounds, short vowel sounds
Control Your Allergies

pronunciation of TH sounds
Cure for HIV

pronunciation of V and W sounds, R sounds and long vowel sounds
Drugs Have 70 Side Effects

pronunciation of syllable and word stress
Doctors Making House Calls

English pronunciation practice
Sleeping Under 7 Hours

English pronunciation practice
Child Obesity

English pronunciation practice

pronunciation of stress, long vowels and T sounds
Alzheimer's Disease

English pronunciation practice
Woman Gets Hand Transplant

English pronunciation practice

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