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English Pronunciation News: Word Stress Practice

Click on a news report.

Click on "watch video" to view the instructor speaking the report. In most of these reports, the instructor speaks a sentence and gives you time to repeat.

Repeating helps you build word stress or intonation which leads to natural, fluent speech.

Learn the basics of Word Stress. Learn the 5 Rules of Word Stress.

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News Report
English Pronunciation: Word Stress Practice
Political Parties in the U.S.

listening for word stress
50% of Childbirths Outside of Marriage

pronunciation, word stress
Obama's Tax Reforms

listening for word stress
Health Care Goes to the Supreme Court

listening for word stress
India's Inner Outsourcing

repeat after instructor
U.S. Manufacturing

repeat after instructor
Consumer Confidence in the U.S.

repeat after instructor
Germany's Chancellor and the Euro

repeat after instructor
Turkey Sanctions Israel

repeat after instructor
Obama's Job Plan

repeat after instructor
Tablets or Laptops?

repeat after the instructor
Betty Ford Remembered

repeat after the instructor
Evidence in Murder Trial

learn stress for set phrases
Drugs Have 70 Side Effects

pronunciation of syllable and word stress

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