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English Pronunciation News: Syllable Stress

These news reports include study of syllable stress. Remember that American English often has stress on the first syllable for nouns and the second syllable for verbs. Adjectives and adverbs with many syllables differ as to stress. Overall, American English is not very precse with rules on stress, so it is important to learn the syllable stress of new words.

Learn more about syllable stress with information and a video lesson at: Syllable Stress 500 Words.

These are former news reports. Learn pronunciation with today's news and other current reports at: English Pronunciation News.


News Reports
English Pronunciation Focus

Obama and Immigration

study of syllable stress
The Dream Act

syllable stress of verbs
Medical Practices Overused

listening for syllable and word stress
Protest in Syria

pronunciation of syllable stress
Google Guilty of Anti-Trust?

pronunciation of syllable stress
U.S. Citizen Jailed in Thailand

pronunciation of syllable stress
Hip Implants

pronunciation of syllable stress
Nuclear Weapons in Iran

pronunciation of syllable stress
Russian Girls' Families

learn pronunciation of vowel sounds and syllable stress
Change in Bhutan

pronunciation of syllable stress
Marriage Reduces Risk of Heart Failure pronunciation of R sounds, syllable stress and vowels
Protests in India

pronunciation of stress, vowels, T sounds
Syrian Government Attacks

pronunciation of syllable stress and T sounds
Norway's Tragedy Affects Many

pronunciation of syllable stress
Drought in Africa

pronunciation of vowel sounds and syllable stress
Arrest Warrants for Gadhafi

pronunciation of R sounds, T sounds and stress
Khmer Rouge Leaders on Trial

pronunciation of T sounds, vowels, and stress
Fighting in Yemen

pronunciation of long vowels and syllable stress
Medicare and Medicaid Cuts

pronunciation of syllable stress and idioms
Foreclosed Homes

pronunciation of vowel sounds, syllable stress and -ed sounds
Human Genes Can Be Patented

pronunciation of T sounds, vowels and stress
Abdominal Pain

pronunciation of syllable and word stress

pronunciation of stress, long vowels and T sounds
Social Networking

pronunciation of T sounds, vowels and syllable stress

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