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Grammar and Idioms For Young People

Verb Tenses: Read the Story, Read and Practice with the Verb Tense Chart

Present Continuous*


am/is/are + -ing

Past Continuous


was/were +-ing

Present Perfect


have/has + past participle

Present Perfect Continuous

have/has been +-ing



--opinions, wishes

am visiting

is visiting

are visiting

was visiting

were visiting

has visited

have visited

has been visiting

have been visiting

could visit

could have visited

am arguing

Is arguing

are arguing

was arguing

were arguing

has argued

have argued

has been arguing

have been arguing

could argue

could have argued

am being

is being

are being

was being

were being

has been

have been

has been being

have been being

could be

could have been

am staying

is staying

are staying

was staying

were staying

has been

have been

has been staying

have been staying

could stay

could have stayed

am taking

is taking

are taking

was taking

were taking

has taken

have taken

has been taking

have been taking

could take

could have taken

am opening

is opening

are opening

was opening

were opening

has opened

have opened

has been opening

have been opening

could open

could have opened



has found

have found


could find

could have found

* continuous = progressive (grammar books differ in word choice)

Verbs and Time

Read the example of “visit.” Then write down or speak sentences using the other verbs.

1. I am visiting Washington now.

2. During last month, I was visiting New York.

3. I have visited many states in my life.

4.  I have been visiting different states for many years.

5. I could visit Kansas anytime, but I don’t want to.

6. I could have visited South Dakota last year, but I didn’t want to.

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