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Learn English Story: The Mantel

Use this story to practice A by N or M. Review this sound here: 500 Words: Short Vowels.



The Mantel

1. The mantel is above the fireplace.

2. There are candles and a plant on the mantel.

3. There is another plant in front of the fireplace and one more plant in the corner.

4. Two ornaments are hanging from hooks on the mantel.

5. The plants are green, leafy plants. They are healthy and strong.

6. When the family plans to sit by the fire, the plants are moved.

7. When the fireplace has cooled, the plants are put back.

8. The mantel has to be dusted once a week.


Answer the questions:

1. What is on the mantel?

2. What is in front of the fireplace?

3. What happens when the family plans to have a fire?

4. How often does the mantel have to be dusted?

See answers below.


1. Candles and a plant.
2. A Plant.
3. The plants are moved.
4. Once a week.

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