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ESL Beginner: Poem with Long A Sounds

Study Long A spellings with this poem. Remember a long A sounds says the name of the letter: A.
Notice the common spellings: ai, a_e (a with silent e nearby) and ay.


The Suricate

(say sir-i-kate)

This little fellow is a suricate.

He stands, looks around and waits.

In Africa, he lives in the plains.

Sometimes, there are heavy rains.

Near the burrows, baby suricates play.

They run with each other all day.

This suricate is not afraid.

Soon he will run into the shade.

Answer the Questions

1. What is this animal?

2. Where does he live?

3. What are the holes?

4. Where will this suricate run soon?

See answers below.


1. This is a suricate.
2. He lives in Africa.
3. The holes are burrows.
4. He will run into the shade.

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