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Learn English Story: The Opossum

Use this story to practice the O sounds. Review the short O and the Schwa sound here: 500 Words: Short Vowels. Study the Long O here: 500 Words: Long Vowels.



The Opossum

1. This animal is called an opossum.

2. He has gray fur on his long body. He has a white face and a pink nose.

3. He is an average size, a little larger than a cat and smaller than most dogs.

4. It is a sunny, hot day.

5. He has found some tasty black berries.

6. He climbs along the thin branches of the bush.

7. Sometimes, he almost falls.

8. But the berries are worth the effort!


Answer the questions:

1. What is this animal?

2. What does he look like?

3. How big is he?

4. What has he found in the bush?

See answers below.


1. He is an opossum.
2. He has gray fur, a white face and a pink nose.
3. He is an average size.
4. He has found tasty black berries.

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