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Learn English Story: Teddy Bear

Use this story to practice the Short E sound. Review this sound here: 500 Words: Short Vowels.



Teddy Bear

1. This is an old teddy bear.

2. He is lying on the bed.

3. He has been mended many times.

4. He has stitches around his nose and on his sides.

5. He is a tough old bear.

6. Every day, he helps the people in the house just by lying still.

7. He helps them remember nice days from the past.

8. He is such a good bear.


Answer the questions:

1. Is this a young teddy bear?

2. Where are his stitches?

3. Is he a tough bear?

4. How does he help people?

See answers below.


1. No. He is old.
2. Around his nose and on his sides.
3. Yes. He's a tough bear.
4. He helps them remember nice days from the past.

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