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Learn English Story: The Little Finch

Use this story to practice the Short I sound. Review the short I sound here: 500 Words: Short Vowels.

finch nest


The Little Finch

1. This little finch is resting in her nest.

2. The nest is made of string and bits of cloth.

3. The male finch built the nest.

4. Every day, he picked up string and cloth from the floor.

5 He flew from the floor to the nest with the string and cloth in his beak.

6. It was a lot of work!

7. Now the two little finches have a big, cozy home.

8. Finches are very good builders!


Answer the questions:

1.What is the nest made of?

2. Who built the nest?

3. Where did he get the string and cloth?

4. How did he carry the string and cloth?

See answers below.


1. It is made of string and cloth.
2. The male finch built the nest.
3. He found the string and cloth on the floor.
4. He carried the string and cloth in his beak.

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