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Learn EnglishStory: Grizzly Bear

This story uses short vowel sounds. The short vowel sounds are the A in "cat," the E in "pet," the I in "sit," the O in "hot" and the U in "up." Usually, short vowels have simple spellings. Note: "bear" is listed with the pronunciation "bair" on dictionary.com, though some teachers may use the basic rule that "ea" can sound like a short E or a long E. Also, "fur" can be taught as a short U sound or as a combination with R. The U in "up" is the easiest sound to make in our language, so it can be considered an almost absent sound. You will notice that many short words, like "in" and "on" have the short vowel sounds, though equally many short words are "sight words," words which do not follow regular pronunciation rules and have to be memorized. In the story, some sight words are "the," "he" and "there."

grizzly bear

1. This is a grizzly bear.

2. He has a fish.

3. It is a silver fish.

4. He is standing on rock.

5. He has a big tummy.

6. He has fur all over his body.

7. There is one more bear in the picture.

8. This bear's eyes are shut.

9. She is napping.

10. The rocks and the bears are in a zoo.

Answer the questions:

1. What does the grizzly bear have?

2. Where is the bear standing?

3. What does the bear look like?

4. What is the other bear doing?

See answers below.


1. The bear has a fish.

2. The bear is standing on a rock.

3. The bear has a big tummy.

4. The other bear is napping.

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