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ESL Beginner Story: The Lady on the Beach

Practice Y sounds with this story. Y has 3 sounds. It sounds like "yuh" as a first letter as in "yellow" and "you." It sounds like EE as a last letter, as in "happy" and "cloudy." Even in words like "day," there is a slight E sound after the long A. Y sounds like long I as a last letter sometimes, as in "try" and "sky." Most Y words are in bold.

lady on the beach

The Lady on the Beach

1. You can see a lady on the beach.

2. She is forty years old.

3. She is happy.

4. The sky is clear, not cloudy.

5. You can see yellow-white light from the sun.

6. It is windy

7. You can see the wind blowing her hair.

8. Her feet are wet.

9. Her clothes are navy blue.

10. She will try to keep her clothes dry.

Answer the questions:

1. How old is the lady?

2. How is the weather?

3. What color are her clothes?

4. How will she try to keep her clothes?

See answers below.


1. She is 40 years old.
2. It is sunny and windy.
3. Her clothes are navy blue.
4. She will keep them dry.

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