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Learn English Story: Canaries

This story uses Long Vowel Sounds with the spellings ee, ai, o and oo. O is usually a Long O sound when it is the last letter, as in "so," "no" and "go."


1. This is a room for birds.

2. You can see a gray finch.

3. He is so small.

4. He sees a yard outside the window.

5. You can see a little bit of another finch.

6. This bird is behind the stand.

7. Two birds are canaries.

8. One is orange, one is yellow.

9. It isn't a rainy day. It is sunny.

10. There are small trees outside the window.

Answer the Questions

1. What kinds of birds are in the picture?

2. What colors are the birds?

3. How big are the finches?

4. What can you see outside the window?

See answers below.


1. There are canaries and finches.

2. They are gray, orange and yellow.

3. The finches are so small.

4. There are small trees and a yard.

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