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Learn English Poem: Pretty City

Practice Long E sounds with this poem. Remember that Long E is the "smiling" vowel. Position your lips in a soft smile and say "eeee."  Common Long E spellings are "ee" and "e_e" (a silent E at the end of a word) and "y" as a last letter.


Pretty City

Many people live in this city.

The houses with yellow walls are pretty.

Many houses have small, red chimneys.

Power lines carry electricity.

Some rooftops are red and some are green.

There are alleys where people walk between

the houses toward a main street.

Friends say hello when they meet.

Answer the Questions

1. What colors are the house walls?

2. What colors are the rooftops?

3. What do the power lines carry?

4. Where are the alleys?


1. The house walls are yellow, white, gray and green.

2. The rooftops are red, green and gray.

3. The power lines carry electricity.

4. The alleys are between the houses.
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